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Keeping track of all the changes on a job can be a burden, especially on a particularly tumultuous contract that seems to need one after the other. Organization is paramount to keeping everything flowing smoothly, but doing it all by hand can make things a bit inconsistent as far as documentation goes. 

A change order tracking spreadsheet is a good solution to this, so long as you’re comfortable using excel or a similar program. A dedicated software solution can help streamline things even further, while also helping keep clear and consistent communication with the client.

Why You Need an Organized Change Order Log

Change order logs, like our excel template, keep track of the basic information needed to act on a change order. It handles you and the client’s information, names, locations, etc., as well as details and pricing, of each change order that’s been enacted during the course of a project.

Keeping these changes in order is important to maintain a clear agreement between you and the property owner. 

The Importance of Organization

You don’t want to have anything that can lead to confusion when you’re writing out change orders. Easy to parse change order logs makes it so you don’t have to flip around and check through scrawled notes to figure out if things are going as scheduled/on budget. 

It’s best practice to have an organizational system that you can check in on these things at a glance, especially when dealing with multiple projects at once.

The Importance of Documentation

In a scenario where there may end up being a dispute between you and the client because of a change order, having it all documented in an easy-to-understand way is paramount. 

Using handwritten notes is technically a fine way to document, but if there are any inconsistencies within your logs, then you run the risk of losing the dispute. At the least, using an excel change order log will make it so your documents are standardized.

Our Change Order Log Excel Template

Documentation and organization are the easiest ways to make sure any change orders you’re dealing with go through without a hitch. With this in mind, check out our free excel change order log template below:

Free Change Order Log Excel Sheet from Trak Changes

change order log
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How to Use It

Our change order tracking spreadsheet is set up to be both transparent and easy to use. It covers all needed information to guarantee that you’re, at the minimum, keeping track of what’s important. 

Let’s go over how to enter your information, step by step.

Step 1: Enter contractor details.

In the top left of the spreadsheet, you’ll see where to enter this information. This only needs to be done on a by-project basis and shouldn’t be varying with each individual change. This includes the contractor’s name, address information, and contact details.

Step 2: Enter project details

This section covers your client’s information. It’s in the top right and also is by-project information, this shouldn’t be changing if there’s multiple change orders on the same project. Details should include the project name and number, address, and their contact information.

Step 3: Add each change order, with the following information:

  • Change Order Number
  • Date initiated
  • Date negotiated
  • Date completed
  • Description of the change order and what it entails
  • Cost difference vs initial contract
  • Total contract cost
  • Number of days the change order extends the project.
  • Adjusted completion date for the project.

All of this needs to be individually entered for each change order that occurs. It covers all the basic information required to be able to show what is being done and when. 

This will help prove your case in a dispute. However, the communication and access of this information to a client will still be under your responsibility.

Looking for more robust change order management features? Trak Changes has you covered.

Clarity is by far the most important aspect in having a good relationship with a reasonable client. We built Trak Changes to keep change orders clear-cut, simple, and easy to communicate with clients.

Trak Changes displays relevant change order information – dates, pricing changes, details, status, and more – in one convenient, well-designed user interface that’s even simpler than using Excel sheets.

Trak Changes also allows the client to see these changes as soon as you write them out, and legally sign off on them for approval.

Trak Changes streamlines the change order process, allowing you to turn them from a hassle into a boon for your bottom line. Check out our free trial to get started today!

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