Change Order Form Template

In the construction industry, change orders come with the territory. There are always factors that are hard to predict in advance, and sometimes, the scope or nature of a project may need to be adjusted partway through.

That’s where change orders come in. And from a legal and contractual perspective, you need bilateral mutual agreement from both sides – contractor and client – in order to move forward with change orders and adhere to relevant clauses from the original contract.

A standardized change order form template is one of the best approaches for keeping change orders organized, detailed, and communicated clearly for everyone involved.

Don’t have a standard form for them yet? We’ve put together a completely free, but comprehensive, change order form template that you can download today.

Just enter the project details and the client’s information at the top, then use the Itemized Changes section to detail exactly what changed and why, along with how the changes will affect pricing and time to project completion.

It’s that simple!

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free change order form template
Download Today!

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Trak Change’s easy-to-fill forms and templates allow you to quickly upload your signed contracts, input project details & add your clients & subcontractors. Better yet, moving forward any change order requests can be reviewed or approved in real-time by all parties involved in a legally binding way.

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