Getting Contractors Back to What They Love

It’s no secret that contractors get into business driven by a passion to build, design & create, not to push paper. So why do contractors feel like the more successful they are, the more time they spend on paperwork instead of doing what they actually love?
We are on a mission to reverse that trend by offering simple, easy-to-use software that gets small and mid-size contractors out from behind the desk and back into the field.


Speed & Transparency Where it Counts

The construction process is intricate and nuanced. It’s an art and a science. While others have tried, we don’t believe the whole process can be automated with software. Instead, we believe software can be another tool in your tool box, focusing our product on the pieces of the process where speed and transparency can be assets to you and your clients.
We create software for the client-facing touchpoints of: estimates, proposals, change orders and invoicing. Not only do we strive to make these more expeditious for you, we also help you communicate those with the client in an professional, organized and thorough manner. Wherever money discussions exist with clients, we are there to make it go smoothly. This is software for the parts of the construction process where software can help — we will leave the true craftsmanship to you.


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